Beach School

Beach School is a unique outdoor learning experience that aims to connect children and young people with their local coastal environment. We are lucky here in Dorset that we have arguably one of the best stretches of coastline in the UK (some might say even the world!) and provide wonderful learning and playscapes for children and adults alike! 

Dorset Rewildiing are qualified beach school leaders and follow its true delivery method by applying the forest school ethos to the coastal environment, this means that we follow the childs interests and see where their learning takes them. 

We are proud to have the USP of our roots being based firmly in ecology and wildlife conservation, and so we ensure that environmental awareness is weaved through all of our sessions through engaging and inspiring nature connection activities.

We run most of our sessions on stretches of BCP coastline, if you are interested to learn more or to book a beach school session for your school or community group, then please get in touch us via the contact page.

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