1. Thank you to DorsetRewilding for organising a fabulous birthday party for my 5 year old, which he officially rated as the 'best birthday party EVER!!'

    Victoria took great care to plan activities that met the children's individual interests, and the result was a unique and tailor-made experience.

    All the kids were in their element and it was lovely to see them all having such an exciting and adventurous time. Victoria fired the children with interest and enthusiasm and freedom. Even more amazing was that it was the calmest and most relaxed gathering of 5year olds I have ever seen!

    It wasn't just the kids who were inspired... I've dusted off my old field guide and I think we may all go off on a poo hunt this weekend!

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  2. Our first group have now finished their Forest School experience. We had 19 children from Year 1 and 2 partake in this exciting activity every Friday. We have our next group of children starting on Friday 13th March.

    When the first group started Forest School their class teachers filled in a little questionnaire and then filled in another one when all the sessions were completed. All this information was collected together and we have discovered that for each of the areas below there was great improvement.

    Overall stress: 74% had an improvement

    Emotional distress: 63% had an improvement

    Behavioural difficulties: 79% had an improvement

    Hyperactivity and concentration difficulties: 58% had an improvement

    Difficulties getting along with other children: 89% had an improvement

    Kind and helpful behaviour: 89% had an improvement

    As a school we are very pleased and proud to be able to offer this experience to our children at Sylvan. We know and can also see through their behaviour that the children get a great deal out of these fantastic sessions offered by Victoria and her team at Kith and Kin. We would highly recommend Kith and Kin to anybody thinking about starting Forest Schools at their school.

    Please visit our school website to see some photographs of the sessions that have taken place over the past weeks.

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  3. Victoria has been running our Forest School since October. We have made use of our Pupil Premium funding to provide this wonderful opportunity for a group of our Key Stage 2 children in order to develop their confidence and individuality. The children simply love it! They can't wait for Forest School to come around and never complain about going even in the freezing cold or pouring rain. Victoria always has plenty of extra clothing so the children are correctly kitted out and they have had an amazing time slack lining, building dens, creating gadgets, playing games, even fire making but most importantly initiating their own lines of exploration and activity. Victoria's evaluations after every session show the skills the children are developing week on week - physically, emotionally and socially. The improvement in their self confidence and motivation is noticeable in school too. Victoria provides an experience for these children that we would struggle to offer; it has been worth every penny and I would highly recommend it to schools and other organisations.

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